Allure Loves Green Indie Beauty (Including VEQUE)!

Green Beauty Innovations of 2019 Kiss My Brass Ranavat brightening serum Veque nail base coat Aster Lip Tint Oil

Via Allure It used to be that the term “green beauty” was a revolution unto itself. Boy, have times changed. In just a few years, green beauty has become its own norm and standard, seeing the launch of dedicated e-boutiques and brick-and-mortars; entire product lines designed by and for eco-conscious product lovers yearning for performance without compromise; and even designated, green-leaf-decked shelves at major retailers like Target and Sephora.

And with a new year upon us, we scoured the market to find the most innovative green beauty finds and developments out there, including turmeric-spiked skin care, zero-waste packaging, and brass-busting shampoo. These aren’t the usual suspects of oil-cleansing-instead-of-face-wash or dry-shampoo-in-lieu-of-an-everyday-lather. We tested and had our (fair-trade, eco-friendly) socks knocked off by these beautiful blends of science-backed, high-performance, and feel-good ethics

COURTESY OF BRAND6/76. Natural White BasecoatIt’s been a hack on YouTube by nail artists for a while, often employing regular white nail polish as a base coat to make a chosen color really pop. Veque decided nail enthusiasts of all ilks (and their tips) deserved better, so it released Ve Blanc, an entirely vegan, cruelty-free, ridge-filling nail-perfector without 10 harsh chemicals commonly found in polish. Ve Blanc leaves a smooth, nourished canvas for color-popping results and is also made in the USA and gives back to charity — basically a perfect 10.$20 (Shop Now)

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