An Indie Nail Polish that isn’t Just Polish

I met Audrey at Create & Cultivate Seattle, a magical event where my business was essentially made. We met for coffee, and then another and an other. And soon we decided to give a business partnership a whirl.

I soon learned that the polish and the stunning colors are just half of the story. Audrey is here because of the Vietnamese-American nail business – literally. Her parents are Vietnamese immigrants who escaped their war-torn country for a better life. With nothing. But the Chicago nail industry embraced them, taught them and they created a life. VEQUE is their legacy as told through their daughter, a woman who had all the opportunity in the world because of the salons we go to every week. Of course Audrey tells the story better, head over to her site for all the feels.

She owns VEQUE, a beautiful indie 9-free nail polish brand that I think everyone should love. Her care, concern and precision eeks from every lovely drop of every. single. color. And the brush…It’s nothing short of perfection. Really, people who know much more than I do say so, like celebrity manicurist, Elena Capo!

So, next time you’re in a J.Crew (it’s their selling polish!!), or just need to grab a color for a fresh manicure. Pick up a VEQUE color.

I’m not the only one who loves it, check out the recent press! 

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